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What this blog is about and what to expect.

I first published a design blog in 2000, on my previous website. I ran the site for about a year or so, then decided to cease publication to other commitments. Since that time the world has changed. Now, mobile devices have become an important part of the user experience. At the same time, even though mobile speeds continue to increase, many sites are weighed down with bloated images and ads. It's critivcal to deliver pages as fast as possible.

And even though UX designers talk about the importance of fast-loading pages, and design for speed, often the outcome doesn't happen the way it really should. This is because of the silos that still exist between design and development. At the same time, developers seem to be expected to work magic on a web page to make it load fast - without being given the proper requirements or project time to make pages fast.

Since I became interested in performance, I realized that one way to help bridge this divide is to provide insights into web performance from the UX perspective. For example, while working at an ecommerce retailer, I gave a seminar on web performance to help UX better understand the challenges and tools available. I'd like to further this as I continue to discover the many tools, findings and techniques about web performance. At the

I also plan to cover my experiences and insights into UX design.

Please note that I decided to self publish this, instead of using a blogging software. This gives me a better opportunity to control my page design as well as the page weight.

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